Community Safety - Everyone’s Concern

There is nothing that is more important than our personal safety, the security of our neighborhood and homes.

You may have heard about vehicles being vandalized at The Village at times in the past. Stolen items from these vehicles included; cameras, GPS, iPods, etc. The perpetrators were after items of street value.

This kind of petty crime is not unusual and can happen in any community. But there are steps you can take to avoid being a victim crime. Here are just some simple steps to help secure your home, car and community.

Do not leave items visible or items of value in your car. Remove cell phones, GPS devices, computers, sporting goods etc. Vandals are looking for this kind of stuff to steal and sell. The police will always tell you this.

Lock you car, roll up the windows. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

Lock the door to your condo unit, even if you are home. Don’t get surprised by an intruder with easy entry.

When not at home, close and secure windows, and lock your door with a dead lock.

Make sure that gates and doors close and latch behind you. If they don’t, report it to Lee King or Horizon.

Do not prop open doors. Close and report ones that have been propped open and persons who do it.

Report suspicious activities and persons to the police. Don’t take a chance that all is OK.

The Board of Directors is concerned about security and safety and is planning to conduct a safety meeting that will host a representative from the Redondo Beach Police. Additionally, the Board will look at options for adding enhanced video surveillance cameras. More information about this will be available soon and notices posted.

Crime prevention and safety is not automatic, you have to participate.

The Village HOA June 30, 2009

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